The Tale of the River Card

The Texas Miracle

Power tends to corrupt - and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Possum Kingdom Land Swindle Of 2009 - The Texas Miracle.
The Official record, Key Documents, Player Bio's, & More. 

In the Spring of 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3031 which featured the following caption:

”The sale by the Brazos River Authority of certain residential and commercial leased lots and other real property in the immediate vicinity of Possum Kingdom Lake.” 

Oddly enough, the property in question had already been sold for pennies on the dollar in one of the most brazen political scandals in the history of Texas. Here is that story...


Round I - Playing Possum


Round II - The Texas Miracle

This collection of video and audio archives, correspondence between the principal parties, and documents gathered through exhaustive research, creates an indefensible case of what can only be described as a conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers of Texas out of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Whether measured by time, dollars, or the number of elected and non-elected officials involved, the Possum Kingdom Lake Land Swindle of 2009 dwarfs the Sharpstown Stock Fraud Scandal of the early 1970's. It is also representative of the political culture during the era known as The Texas Miracle.

Archives & Documents