The Tale of the River Card

The Texas Miracle

Going once, going twice...

I left the key under the "Welcome" mat...

Sir, would you care to comment ?

We are "Wide Open for Business." (sort of...)


1. Power Corrupts

2. ICYMI: Playing Possum
3. High Crimes or Misdemeanors?
4. Remember the Alamo?
5. Victory or Death
6.The Call to General Abbott
7. Rick Perry’s Massacre
8. Capitulation & Surrender
9. Gregg Abbott’s Smoke Signals
10. The Queen of Granbury
11. The Patterson Plan
12. The Competition
13. ​The Immaculate Resolution
14. Anyone but Craddick
15. The Rigged Deal
16. The Flop

17. The Turn
18. The Backdoor Flush
19. Well, FERC Me!

20. Launder, Rinse, Repeat

​21. The Criminal Complaint

22. One Last Miracle

23. Follow The Money

​24. Unanswered Questions

25. Sine Die